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Diary - April 1945


April 1st

Easter Sunday. Very busy still

April 2nd

Had daffodils and tulips brought to ward from the chapel.

April 3rd

77th General Hospital arrived. We sisters were on duty all day. 77th Sisters took over at midnight.

April 4th

Up early. Left Bedburgh at with haversack rations. Crossed the Rhine over "London Bridge". Soon onto newly liberated Holland. Flags flying, people cheery. Arrived at Oldenzaal at 4pm. We sisters are in a hospital run by nuns. Germans left 2 days ago.

April 5th

Messing with officers in another building. Morning sorting kit and mending. Afternoon bought cards in town. Raining and miserable. People all speak and smile at us. Had a bath and got laundry together.

April 6th

Win and I on duty helping on F.D.S. About 7 cases but quite busy.

April 7th

Breakfast in bed. Walking in town in afternoon. Met a boy scout who invited us in for tea. Met his mother and sisters. Evening went to a Sergeants' dance, came home with Padre Peak and Major Rankin.

April 8th

Went to Dutch Reform service with Kay. Met the Padre and his family afterwards and had coffee. Evening met the scout and his sister and arranged to see them on Tuesday evening.

April 9th

Win and I on duty. Not too busy a day. walk in the evening after duty. Heard we are moving in 2 days.

April 10th

Packing in morning. P.M. went for a walk. Evening we went to a party with Dutch civilian family. Had tea played piano and danced. Had a very nice evening there.

April 11th

Up at 5.30 am Left Oldenzaal at 7.30. Soon into Germany, white flags out. We are in a school at Heldrup. Had a meal of bacon and eggs at 2.30pm. Unpacked and looked round building. Win and I sharing a room.

April 12th

Casualty Clearing Station partly opened, not on duty, had a walk.

April 13th

Heard we are probably moving tomorrow 2 sisters to be left behind.

April 14th

Parker and Esther left behind. Left Heldrup at 12. Wheel nearly came off so changed ambulances. Stopped at 3pm for tea. Children gathered round. Arrived at Bassum at 4.30. At a milk factory. Dinner at 8.

April 15th

Service in morning in a marquee. Afternoon Win and I on duty at 3 FDS. Not very busy. Win's brother came along later. We had a brew up in our room.

April 16th

On duty at FDS again 6 patients.

April 17th

On night duty at FDS (field dressing station)

April 18th

Fairly busy night. Had a cardigan given. Was up at 5 and went for a walk with Win.

April 19th

A lot of publicity in the papers about the Belsen Concentration camp.

April 21st

Heard an ultimatum was going into Bremen today.

April 22nd

Heard bombs being dropped on Bremen today at 6.30pm and saw our planes on their way home.

April 23rd

Win is on night duty with me tonight.

April 25th

Bremen fallen to the Second Army

April 26th

Berlin surrounded by Red Army troops. Had 2 pairs of shoes given.

April 27th

Heard we are moving in a few days.

April 29th

The Casualty Clearing Station has left for Werdun over the Wesser. Win and I and 2 sisters are left behind with the FDS. On the wireless Mussolini has been executed. Hitler has a cerebral haemorrhage. We are messing with the 3FDS.

April 30th

3FDS have left. 7th Canadian general Hospital have taken over. Messing with them. Not very busy in the wards.