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Freda's Diaries - August 1943

Aug 1st

Usual services. Mr Caucherson -an African spoke

Aug 2nd

My relief arrived. RAF dance at New England .I met a lot of ex - patients, had a grand time

Aug 3rd

OCU meeting Mr Herbert spoke of China

Aug 7th

Picnic at Lumley 8 of us. Will took us in his car. Finished duty altogether. Went to Kennedy's for tea. Pa Birch is down from up country as Mrs Birch is in hospital at Hill Station

Aug 9th

Busy day sewing etc. John Summers farewell do at Loin and Palm

Aug 10th

Walked to town am shopping. Packing in pm Walk to gun turret early evening ,sewing later

Aug 11th

Went to see Mrs Birch -Hill Street Hospital. Chop later at Kennedy's. gave Mrs K a leather bag, babies a towel. Very pleasant evening

Aug 14th

Heard we were standing by -24 hours Had a ride in a Bren gun carrier

Aug 15th

In bed all day, tummy palaver

Aug 16th

Finished packing, Jack came up in the evening and roped over our trunks. 6 airmails arrived

Aug 17th

Up at 6pm. Packing valise. Kit gone at last. Party at Wlls in the evening and ride to Lumley in the rain

Aug 18th

Sewing all day jack came up in the evening, gave Win and I a tie pin, elephant palm. Last goodbye

Aug 19th

Up at 6.30. Goodbyes. Embarked 8.15 Leslie, Will, Srgt Joe saw us off. In cabin with May Grant and Mollie Green a Dutch ship

Aug 21st

First boat drill. A crowd came on board from 51st. tea dance daily. Sat in lounge reading. Bed early

Aug 22nd

Up early .Service by RAF padre 10.00am Throwing pennies to Africans as more came on board. Boat drill at 4.30pm

Aug 23rd

Sewing and ironing am. Boat drill 9.45am. Walked round decks. Drink in lounge. Shown African silver by an Officer

Aug 24th

Sailed today at rushed up from chop to see last of Freetown. Feeling not too good by evening, bed early

Aug 25th

Usual boat drill. Feeling sea sick all day, down to all meals. Bed in afternoon. Sitting on deck later. Brains Trust in evening

Aug 26th

Weather still warm. Boat drill. Usual day, drink in lounge am bed afternoon, tea dance, evening RAF  show which was quite good. Firing practices

Aug 27th

Boat drill, windy day watched flying fish and porpoises. Went down to baggage room am. Appointment to see hairdresser for 2pm tomorrow. Into home uniform. Tea dance

Aug 28th

Sea rougher, missed breakfast. Up for boat drill. Hairdresser at 2,(7/6) Reading and sleeping most of day

Aug 29th

Service at 10am. Sea calmer, sun shining, writing letters and reading. Pianoforte recital by naval steward

Aug 30th


Sewing and reading. Rumours of Gibraltar, clocks forward 2hours

Aug 31st

Saw Gibraltar 8am and sunrise. Invited to drinks by R.N. officers, did not go. Display of ? depth charges. Aircraft about -wonderful sight