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Diary November/December 1945

Nov 1st

X ray appears good. To have plaster cut down to single spica this weekend.

Nov 2nd

Teresa and Mary went to Reading. Said goodbye, leaving tomorrow going to M.E.F.

Nov 6th

Went over to Cambridge hospital by ambulance. Plaster cut down to single spica.

Nov 7th

Thomas, Jessie and David came down to see me. Up for 1st time, but could only stand

Nov 8th

Aunty Elsie died

Nov 9th

Thomas etc went home

Nov 10th

Aunty Elsie funeral at Hensall Church. Haven't heard from Bessie for a long time

Nov 16th

Jack came over for the afternoon. Stayed until 5.30. Win arrived at 5 from Germany -on leave. Win stayed in the sisters mess here.

Nov 17th

Win went to Crookham in the morning. Looked at her shopping in the afternoon and evening.

Nov 19th

Win left to go home on leave

Nov 20th

Mr Walker - minister came to see me

Nov 22nd

Rachel Shepherd came along to see me at tea time

Nov 23rd

Had a letter from home. Aunty Gertie is very ill, in Pontefract Infirmary

Nov 26th

Aunty Gertie died at 1pm. Win came down, staying at South Western Hotel

Nov 27th

Win came along to see me in a.m. Jenny Wren, Molly Brown and Win all here in p.m.

Nov 28th

Win here all day. Had a hair do. Aunty Gertie's funeral

Nov 29th

Win returns to B.A.O.R. today

Nov 30th

Mr Walker and Miss Hobbs came along to see me

Dec 3rd

Jack Summers came along to see me in evening prior to B.A.O.R. Went to theatre had plaster removed and walking iron and caliper applied

Dec 5th

Up and about, felt okay. Flowers arrived from Jack Summers,big bunch of chrysanths

Dec 6th

Walking better. Kay arrived to see me for an hour

Dec 8th

Not walking so well today, leg painful

Dec 9th

Leg much the same

Dec 10th

Leg very painful today. Seen by Major Griffiths to go into spica again

Dec 11th

Into plaster of paris today under anaesthetic, recovered in a ward in Cambridge hospital

Dec 12th

Miss Hall (person Edna met in Kellington) ex QA came over to see me. ( Edna is mums sister and she lived in Kellington)

Dec 14th

Hilda Theaker over for day -chatting etc Brought me some violets

Dec 15th

Kay was discharged after 8 weeks in hospital, miss her very much

Dec 17th

Christmas cards arriving

Mum's diaries finish here. But in the back are a few dates
Go home Jan 23rd 1946
Boarded out 24-6-46 ( not sure of meaning of this)
Leave ends 24-9- 46