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Diary September/October 1945

Sept 3rd

X rayed

Sept 4th

Went to theatre, anaesthetic to have plaster on.Xrayed again. Win transferred into my room

Sept 6th

Evacuated by plane to England. Transferred to Swindon RAF hospital. Quiet a good journey

Sept 7th

Seen by RAF Dr who said he thought I should be transferred to Aldershot, escorted by V.A.D. Arrived 12 midday. Put into 2 bedded side ward

Sept 10th

Seen by Major Griffiths. Decided to put a kirchener wire through my knee on Tuesday

Sept 11th

Went to theatre 8.30am woke about 11, all fixed up with weights etc 10lbs

Sept 12th

X rayed leg in bad position

Sept 13th

Leg not in good position. 1 more lbs to leg

Sept 14th

Xrayed leg is in better position but not so comfortable.

Sept 19th

Mum and Teresa came to see me

Sept 20th

Mum and Teresa were in at 11, again at 3 until 7. Leg aching very badly towards evening. 10lbs weight removed. Major Griffiths went on leave.

Sept 21st

Didn't see mum and Teresa they left early

Sept 27th

Leg slipped out of position

Sept 28th

X rayed again leg in old position. Extra 10lbs weight back on

Oct 3rd

Major Griffiths back from leave

Oct 4th

Major G saw my xray took 5lb weight off. I am to go in plaster at weekend

Oct 5th

Leg feels as though it has slipped out of position again

Oct 6th

To go in plaster tomorrow

Oct 7th

Taken to theatre. In Plaster of Paris from chest to left foot and right knee. Very uncomfortable. Dopey and vomiting most of day

Oct 8th

Vomiting stopped but plaster very tight on foot. Turned onto my face for 6hrs today. To stay in plaster until Dec 7th .X rayed had to be doped as night foot painful

Oct 9th

Andy came down to see me, we chatted about West Africa etc. Foot still being a nuisance. Doreen my room mate is very kind and does bits for me. Doped again.

Oct 10th

Had plaster cut from foot, foot numb but much better. Trouble now with waterworks.

Oct 12th

Still not feeling good . Had medical board put in category D

Oct 13th 

Feeling better,but had S.E. given which wasn't so good. Doreen left, boarded out, home to Lancashire

Oct 14th

Sergeant Phillip Arden came along to see me (he is a friend of Win Lacey's)

Oct 15th

Phillip came again to see me brought me some books and leaflets

Oct 16th

Another visit from Phillip

Oct 17th

Feeling better, Philip coming each evening

Oct 18th

Sister K joined me in this room. She is back from India with amoebic dysentery

Oct 21st

Jack Summers came to see me stayed for supper.

Oct 22nd

Nothing much happening. Yvonne came to see me ( French Lt.) Brought me some flowers stayed for tea.

Oct 27th

Quiet week, Phillip has been to see me a few times this week, Teresa coming on Monday. Am being x rayed this weekend.

Oct 29th

X-rayed. Teresa and Mary Clarke came down to see me until Sat

Oct 31st

Mr Walker Baptist minister from Fleet came along to see me and brought chrysanths