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Photographic Gallery

The following photographs and artefacts were also part of Freda's possessions. We will be hoping to provide some more details of where they were taken and when in the near future. Click on the thumbnails to open the full items.


 An as yet unidentified Group 

 Freda relaxing in Sierra Leone

Freda with Crookie and Lacy

 Freda with two friends

Win and Freda with a male escort 

The Christmas card sent by Freda to her parents in December 1944

Another Christmas message from 86 General Hospital 1944 and signed by Freda

Win Lacy sent this card to Freda Christmas 1945 commenting on how awful they are "and no envelopes either"

This Christmas card was sent to Freda from Marie, Henriette and Suzanne

Win Lacy - Freda's lifelong friend and fellow Nursing Sister

Freda's "On Active Service" pack from the Methodist Church which included a My Faith booklet and Hymns and Prayers

Atlantic Torpedo - the book written by Freda's friend and companion Doris Hawkins - For details see the postwar section


This badge from the Middlesex Regiment was given to Freda by a soldier at the end of the war

This badge was brought back from Germany and is dated 1943

This badge was also brought back from Germany

The caption for this photo reads: Win, Paulin and I 

Whilst in Eisden Freda stayed with the local engineer and his wife. The family are photographed above along with Freda and colleagues

Ready for a trip down the mine at Eisden

Another photograph of Freda

Freda in Uniform

Part of the convoy on the way out to Sierra Leone. On the way back Freda called at Gibralter


Photographs of Freda's friend Ione Driscoll

Freda gained a number of medals during her service. Pictured left to right are the 1939-45 Star for British Service Overseas, the France, Germany Star for Operational Service between 6th June 1944 and 8th May 1945, the 1939-45 War Medal and the Defence Medal.

Freda and Win photographed on 21st May, 1944

Freda on duty in 1939.