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Interesting Miscellaneous Documents

The following documents were amongst Freda's collection and have historical significance.

Why Die for Stalin?

The above leaflet was dropped by the Germans in Normandy


Further leaflets dropped by the Germans in Normandy
A leaflet dropped by the Allies and signed by Dwight Eisenhouer, Commander of the Allied Forces and President of the United States.


The leaflet opposite was of Russian origin and was intended for the Germans. It translates as follows:

"If you cross over to the side of the Allies then you will be treated well and with friendship. You will eat well, as well as an Allied soldier. Remember that the Allies are your friends and do not believe what the Germans say - they are lying.

Come to us willingly or be taken prisoner in this battle - you will be welcomed kindly and well. Only let our soldiers know you are surrendering. Put up your hands when you come to us. Take off your helmets.

Preserve this leaflet. Show it to the Allied soldiers when you surrender.