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Diary - January 1945


January 1st

Up to let New Year in, lots of gunfire and bombs dropping. Electricity failed, saw NY in by candlelight. Watched air battle over Eisden Church at 9.30am. German planes brought down here. A keen frost.

January 2nd

Morning in bed, Madame Verden brought Win and I our breakfasts to bed. Brown bread and jam.

January 3rd

Win and I walked into Eisden, bought apples and posted cards.

January 4th

Quiet day

January 5th

Win and I went for a walk through the woods. Very frosty with snow on the ground. Brought my things from the billet over to the mess again. Win on night duty.

January 6th

Half day very quiet day. Did not go out.

January 8th

Went to convent for a French lesson. Snowing

January 9th

Went for a walk through woods in snow.

January 10th

Another French lesson at the convent. Quiet day.

January 11th

Half day went into village and bought apples. Very cold lots of snow about.

January 12th

Heard we were moving and that leave for sisters is cancelled owing to bad flying weather.

January 13th

French lesson

January 14th

Quiet day. Not able to got to church. Had a talk from the C.O. in the Officers mess.

January 17th

Push began around Sethart, casualties coming in.

January 18th

Busy day, photos arrived from billets hope to take them home on leave on Sat.

January 19th

Win off night duty, not a busy day. Went to convent for bath. Major Rankin came over in the evening and read to us.

January 20th

Heard I may be going on leave in 2 days. Very busy.

January 21st

Hectic day

January 22nd

Came down to Brussels, met quite a few sisters I knew. Went out with Winkle and Whiteford in evening to pictures.

January 23rd

Waiting for plane but weather bad for flying. Out to pictures in afternoon and saw Double Indemnity. Evening went out to dinner with some officers we met at the tea rooms.

January 24th

Waiting for plane again. Andy and May Grant collected me to have tea with them. Saw Hamlet in the evening with a sister from 33 CCS and 2 from 86. Monty came into the show.

January 25th

Left by plane 2.45pm. Arrived in England 4.15. From Chichester to London. Had a meal at the Transit Hotel and left at 10.30pm. with Pat. Very cold and snowy.

January 26th

Arrived home 6.00am Thomas met me. Teresa came home on night off. Went up to see Bessie's baby. (T and T mums Brother and sister, B a cousin)

January 27th

In all day

January 28th

Bessie's baby was christened. I was godmother. Went to chapel with mum. Rang up Mrs Lacy afterwards (Win's mum)

January 29th

Teresa and I went to Pontefract in afternoon. Shopped and then had tea then called at Edna's (mums Sister in Kellington) on way home. Snowing quite a lot. Dad ill in bed.

January 30th


January 31st

Dads birthday