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Freda Laycock

On the back of this photograph Freda listed the places in which she had served. They included the following:

Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Services

June 1941 -September 1943: Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa

October 1943 - February 1944: Catterick

February 1944: Fleet, Hampshire

May/June 1944: Luton, Oxford, Eastleigh and Southampton

June 1944 Normandy

September 1944: Belgium

October 1944: Holland

March-June 1945: Germany: Stalag XB Concentration Camp

June 1945 Cuxhaven

August 1945 Munster General Hospital                                                                            


Below are shown the front cover of Freda's Record of Service Booklet and the entries inside.

Freda's diaries and photo albums also give more details of places she served after D Day as the following entries illustrate:

June 16th, 1944: Land in Normandy with 86th (BR) general Hospital. Billeted in tents in convent grounds at La Deliverande (it was here that Freda shook hands with Monty).

Freda was billeted in tents in the convent grounds at La Delivrande

The lower of these two photographs was the Convent at La Delivrande

Notre Dame Basilica at La Delivrande

Luc Sur Mer - two miles from La Delivrande

August 2nd, 1944: Unit moved to Ryes three miles from Asnelles, taken to see the prefabricated port at Arromanche.

Views of Asnelles taken from Freda's scrapbook

August 27th, 1944: The unit moves to Rugle.

September 4th, 1944: To Amien

September 8th, 1944: In Brussels 5 days after the Germans have left (they take over a hospital full of wounded troops).

Photographs of Brussels again taken from Freda's scrapbooks

September 14th, 1944; Move to Diest, still under canvas.


People and places from Diest - Images taken from Fred's scrapbooks

October 29th, 1944: Holland - Eindhoven- in buildings at last - a training college for priests now used as a hospital.

Above are general shots of Eindhoven

A training college for catholic priests which was used as the hospital

A view of the college and chapel and the entrance to the wards

A theatre which was made into two wards and a corridor leading to the wards

November 24th, 1944: Mum and Win posted to Eisden in Belgium with No 10 (BR) CCS. The hospital is in a school and they are billeted with the chief engineer.

The above four views are of the mining town of Eisden. Photographs of Freda at the time and the family she stayed with are available in the photographic gallery.

February 2nd, 1945: Back to Holland - set up hospital at Grave in a barracks.

In her scrapbook Freda commented that this was the only photograph she was able to buy of Grave.

March 5th, 1945: Move to Germany, set up castle at Weese

March 16th, 1945: To Bedburg, a German hospital and then across the Rhine to newly liberated Holland and Germany again. This time billeted in a hospital run by Catholic sisters.

Views of Holland again from Freda's scrapbook

April 11th, 1945: Heldrup (girls school)

April 14th, 1945: Bassum - billeted in a milk factory working in a German hospital

May 2nd, 1945: Zeedorf - German naval camp

May 6th, 1945: Concentration camp (see separate section)

June 6th, 1945 Cuxhaven

The unit moved to Cuxhaven for a fortnight's holiday. Here are Freda's photographs of Cuxhaven and also a group shot of the Unit.

June 18th, 1945: Gandersheim Harz Mountains where Freda helped to set up a hospital in a motoring school.

Shots of Gandersheim

The Sister in Charge, Freda and her nursing colleagues and entrance to the motoring school at Gandersheim

August 13th, 1945: Freda and Win posted to 25th (BR) General Hospital at Munster.

September 6th, 1945: Freda is flown home after an accident in Munster.